My Journey

The Soul Space was born out of need. Need for growth, for connection and community.

I have always had an interest in the weird and wonderful. Having grown up dabbling with tarot cards and meditation, creating my own beauty potions and lotions, and spending time connecting with nature. I never really knew what I was doing, but enjoyed the sense of calm they provided and wanted to learn more. Over time, and with age, I began to understand that all these practices were positively impacting my well being – they were providing me with mindful ways to navigate through the world.

Having worked within mainstream schools for over 5 years, I (like many teachers) was growing concerned about the mental health of the young people I was working with. I found myself drawing on my knowledge of meditation and yoga, and wanting to ensure I was providing the depth of support they needed, in 2015 I began my journey into Yoga Teacher Training, launching Ariadne Yoga the following year.

Initially, I intended to use my training to support my students. I never intended to fall in love with the practice and the process of yoga – I have learned that yoga is far more than just the physical movement of the body (although this is often the reason we start coming along to class). It draws awareness to all areas of our life and enriches them in many ways. It calls us to look for more. This longing, this calling, has slowly grown inside both myself and my clients and, slowly but surely, our classes evolved and The Soul Space was born.

The Soul Space encompasses far more than Yoga. The Soul Space is the acknowledgement that we all need to slow down. That we need to ground ourselves, dig deep, and notice our needs – body, mind and soul. That we need to answer the calling. That we need to draw together as community to thrive!

So The Soul Space is an invitation. A way for me to share holistic practices which focus on all aspects of well-being – physical, mental and emotional.  The Soul Space is the place where we feel rested, happy and connected to the world.

It is where our heart and soul can sing!

Namaste xx