In our hectic world, it’s important to spend some time switching off. Self-care is often overlooked – for many of us, we put others first and forget to take the time for ourselves. We work late, we take the kids out, we cram so many things into our lives and put pressure on ourselves to be perfect.

Regular self-care practice is one of the most positive things you can do for your well being – emotionally, physically and mentally. Creating space for yourself, honouring yourself, that is where the magic begins! 

How are you looking after your Soul Space?


Reiki balances the chakras and I often use crystals to support a session

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. The word Reiki is made up of two elements – ‘Rei’ meaning ‘Higher Power’ and ‘ki’ meaning ‘life-force energy’. During the practice of reiki, the practitioner will lay their hands over the body, allowing the life force energy to flow smoothly through the body.  This movement of energy helps release blockages – physically, emotionally and energetically.

A reiki session lasts 1hr and is always a bespoke experience. A typical session will begin with a discussion of needs, and could include pranayama (breathing) practice, meditation, reiki healing and intuitive card reading.

Reiki is both powerful and gentle, making it suitable for everyone. A treatment may feel warm, and bring feelings of tingling energy throughout the body. Some clients describe euphoric feelings, deep relaxation and a clearing of the mind.


Intuitive guidance and connection

Tarot are a set of cards used to gain deeper understanding and insight into situations – in other words, they help to bring awareness to what you already know deep within. The cards encompass our journey through life, both spiritually and practically.

My main deck is the Medicine Woman Tarot. This tarot draws on traditional American Indian themes – drawing on images of  animals, tribal culture and connection with natural world – things which all resonate deeply for me.


Finding stillness in busy moments

Meditation has a deep seated role within the practice of yoga. In fact, traditionally, the practice of yoga would have not included many, if any, physical asanas. In sanskrit, meditation is named dhyāna; the practice of mental stillness. 

Through meditation, we bring the body and mind into balance – something which is often difficult in our increasingly busy lives. 

There are many different ways to practice meditation, from guided meditations and imagery, to the Buddhist practice of loving kindness. Each type of meditation will allow a different sense of space, but all provide a platform for internal exploration and relaxation.

Women’s Circle

Embodying the Wild Woman and connecting with our innate spirit

Over the last few years I have had a niggle, a calling.  I’ve worked closely with many women, at yoga classes, reiki sessions and tarot, and all of them have been looking for something. For a safe space to come together, to share and to be supported. A space where instead of women dragging each other down with gossip and jealousy, women helped each other to rise. To be the best that they can be and fulfill all possibilities.

So in 2018, our women’s circle was born. In the past, women came together each month in the Red Tent – a space only for women. Where women could support each other through menstruation, pregnancy, birth and beyond. Where women were able to BE. 

Our women’s circle offers just that. A safe space to come together as a community. To share experiences, ideas and emotions, with no judgement. Just support.

Wild Women coming together to help each other rise!